Human Decoding is the most modern tool, available to all professionals dealing with people, which ensures them more trustful and long-term relationships, more
effective interactions and much better results.

Why learn Human Decoding?

We could give you many reasons to learn Human Decoding; in our perspective three stand out:

  • 1. Personal and Professional Development
  • 2. Advance Communication and Influence Skills
  • Be more efficient and effective in your career

1. Personal and Professional Development

You will discover many things about yourself: understanding your attitudes and behaviours better, your optimism or pessimism, why you take decisions so quickly or you avoid them at all cost, why you are so good with faces or you are able to memorize everything in a conversation, why you avoid change at all cost or really enjoy adrenaline, why you care so much about others or you need people to recognize you, among many other things within the mystery of yourself… After really knowing yourself you can consciously choose what improvements to make in order to create a better version of yourself.

2. Advance Communication and Influence Skills

You will develop the skill to read and understand others and to strategically choose the best path to achieve your goals in each interaction.

3. Be more efficient and effective in your career

As you will become an expert in anticipating reactions, you will be able to communicate in such a way that you will obtain the results you want easier and faster, saving a lot of time, making others feel understood and respected and building long-term relationships.

Some Key Applications of Human Decoding

Human Decoding can and should be applied in all occupations that interact with people, either being face-to-face, by telephone or on-line. On the other hand, there is always someone with his/ her own desires and fears, his/ her own way of thinking, his/ her own way of understanding and creating reality, his/ her own way of behaving… so, in any job the better we understand the person we are communicating with and the better our skills to communicate and influence are, the better results we achieve!

International Human Decoding Certification

A toolset that lets you see the patterns and how they become linked with the key aspects of behaviour.

Each member you lead is different. In order to help each one to be more productive, to develop the skills required, to attain better results, you first have to really understand what is behind what each person says so that you can influence their path.

No matter if you are a Sport Coach, a Business/ Executive or Life Coach, you already have the base! That’s great! Now it is time to get the new tools and techniques that will allow you to quicker get to what´s in your player or customers mind, what is holding him back and perceive which “bottoms to tap” to promote the change needed in a faster way.

_ It doesn’t really matter if you are Soft Skills Trainer, Management Trainer, Leadership Trainer, NLP Trainer, or training any other subject! If you are a trainer that is always looking for innovation and results, Human Decoding is for you! Not only will you learn brand new tools and techniques you can apply to better engage your audience, to make each one to understand and memorize the subject you are training them faster, to be able to promote the change in any participant, but you may also decide to explore a new business and become a Human Decoding Trainer!

Touching the heart of you audience is the key to your professional success; with Human Decoding training you will learn the enormous amount of different Profile Types, allowing you to both develop more accurate campaigns as well as to assure you touch us much types as you can in a general campaign.

To sell is all about communication and influence. Each customer has his own reasons to buy, each customer needs a different way of selling from you and is sensitive to different sales arguments. Human Decoding is the most effective tool to build long term relationships, to gain customers for life (expanding recommendation and retention), and the easier way to get the “yes” you aim for.

Communication and influence is part of your day to day life! Learning to immediately understand the person in front of you and adjust to his/ her profile will make a huge difference in the way you are perceived. You will also learn how to address big audiences, making sure you are capturing the attention of all kinds of profiles.

We know that anticipation and attention to details are two key skills in your job. With Human Decoding training we will give you some brand-new tools that can help you understand and anticipate the answers of a person of customer/suspect, create instant rapport and build trust, performing more effective interrogations, quickly pick lies and truth.

Trust and Rapport are key points in your job. Understanding your patient, knowing why he/ she reacts do way he/ she does, learning how to positively engage them with the treatment and how to better communicate with each of you patients are some of the benefits you will bring from Human Decoding Training.

As you know when people feel uncomfortable, scared, uncertain about their own future, they may not be able to remember everything or simply don´t want to remember or tell you… Being able to establish rapport, gain their trust, detect the right signs, can make a huge difference in the way you build a trustful and open relationship that allows you not only to see the whole picture but also to choose the best way to interact with each patient.

You already know that children don´t all learn the same way! Human Decoding will help you to understand how to motivate each one of them, how to explain in a way that all of them understand, how to manage stressful situations and avoid conflicts, how to make sure you help each of the children you are responsible for to be the best version of themselves.

Imagine how more much accurate your recruiting process would be if you could profile each candidate, understanding in advance that he/she might only be comfortable (and of course the best professional) in his/her line of expertise or that person is great doing the job but has a very high ability to deal with change and surprises and to adjust to them. Or that he is really a team member willing to sacrifice himself on behalf of the team. Knowing he will be driven by earnings and benefits or not sensitive at all to those subjects. Knowing he will have some difficulties in dealing with authority or making decisions… Human Decoding will help you anticipate the candidate’s future in a team.


Entry level with Booster Certification

  • 6 day training program in corporate retreat
  • 3 month of fostering your focus on developing  this new skill to certification level. 

In order to attend Specialist and Trainer Program Booster Certification is required