Welcome to Level 3

The 3rd level of the Human Decoding Certification

Trainer Training is the third and last level of the Human Decoding Certification program and prepares you for excellence in training Human Decoding methods and techniques.

This Certification allows you to deliver International Human Decoding Certification® Booster 6 days classroom training and International Human Decoding Certification® Specialist 6 days classroom training in your own country, to deliver the three months post training follow-up and prepare your own students for the final exam and the video call (Skype session) with one of the DECODE – International Human Decoder Academy Trainers.

All final exams are evaluated by the DECODE – International Human Decoder Academy and the Certificates of those who pass with 90% or more will be issued by us.

Becoming an International Human Decoding Certification® Trainer will give you the chance of coming on board in the DECODE – International Human Decoder Academy!

You will be one of us and your name will be in our site as a recommended Trainer. Not only will you be certified to deliver the two first levels of Certification Training but you may also be invited to join Susana Areal when delivering our Certification Trainings. Additionally, you will have special offers to specific workshops we will perform, making sure you are continuously updated.

Becoming one of our Trainers assures you that you are trained exclusively by Susana Areal during this certification and that she will personally take care of your learning during the post live training during six months. 

This course introduces new strategies to motivate, inspire and transfer experiences and capabilities, leading a group of people toward a common goal.


Susana Areal

By learning from the worlds coaching elites Susana was able to develop a method that combines the best of all worlds in to one single discipline

Be part of the for this amazing new method.​


6 Days Training Program + 3 Days Training Program:

What you will learn

You will learn to train other people and deliver International Human Decoding Certification® Booster e International Human Decoding Certification® Specialist.


This is a Train the Trainer Program therefore you will be personally trained by Susana Areal.

You will learn to use the Human Decoding methodology developed by DECODE- International Human Decoder Academy to train people, to engage audience all the time, to deal with the surprises that may come across your training, to make sure you bring each participant into a higher level of performance.    

6 Days Training Program

Learn how to teach the 4 Human Decoding tools


Teach the 4 Human Decoding tools:

6 Days Training Program

Learn how to teach the 4 Human Decoding tools:

You will learn from Susana Areal how to teach each of the four Human Decoding tools. Will have the chance to work in groups, to prepare sessions, deliver training, collect feedback, make the improvements and develop your training skills along the week.

Presentation Techniques:

You will develop your ability to speak in public, to energize the room, to respect and detect each person cycle of attention and to stretch it, to create such a dynamic that your audience doesn´t feel the time running. 

Audience Rapport, Engage and Control:

You will develop your skills on decoding each member of the audience, so you can predict each reaction, know how to engage with each participant and how to deal with potential resistance. 

How to provide feedback:

Focus on success is one of our most recognized characteristics, so as you should have already experienced in your previous two Certification Trainings, we have our own way to provide feedback making sure we pull each participant out of his/her comfort zone. Susana will teach you how to do it!   


You will be challenged along the training with unexpected situations or trials. Remember that with this training you are being prepared to become one of us, so we have to make sure you can handle it!    

3 Months Training Program:

As with the first two levels of certification, after the in-room training you will receive exercises every two weeks and receive feedback from Susana Areal herself. You will also be invited to take a video course on one of the 4 Profile Decoding tools for a 10-person audience. This video should be a basic training of a 4-hour workshop.

3 Days Training Program:

Mastering your Body Language: At this stage we will be training the details on yourself! Looking at your body language and the way you use your body and facial expressions to teach and influence the audience. 

Mastering your Voice: The usage of the voice makes a big difference in every relationship. It´s time to make sure you play with your voice in a way it works for you.      

Inspiring and Getting Results: We will work on storytelling techniques, personal examples, tricks to engage the audience making sure they retain the most out of your trainings.    

Surprises: Remember that life is full of surprises, and so is a class of participants. As a Trainer you must be prepared to deal with challenges!

3 Months Training Program:

At this stage you are almost ready to become one of us! In any case we want to support you in making sure that you have everything you need to be successful and that you fulfil our standards, so our customers get what they paid for. Having that in mind Susana Areal will keep training you by giving you exercises every two weeks and providing you with her feedback.

Once again you will be invited to record yourself delivering one of the four Human Decoding tools to an audience of 10 people, and as the first time, this video should be a basic training of 4 hours workshop. We expect to easily detect improvements.

After the 6 days live Training, plus 3 months training program, plus 3 Days Live Training, plus 3 Months training program, it is time for your final exam!

This is exam will run-in real-time action! In order to obtain your Certification as an International Human Decoding Certification® Trainer, you will be invited to join Susana Areal co-delivering two hours in one of our Certifications. This is your final test.