Welcome to Level 2

The 2nd level of Human Decoding

This second level of the Human Decoding Certification® program prepares you to master and apply the Human Decoding techniques with professionalism and excellence.

This course builds upon the learnings from the previous level and takes you forward by developing the skills to use and apply the Human Decoding tools and positively influence every interaction.

You will gain a practical view of the solutions, results and relevance of the tools presented in the Booster level to help you motivate anyone as well as build a consistent level of rapport with them. It qualifies you as an accredited specialist in the field.

The DECODE – International Human Decoder Academy strongly believes that certification in Human Decoding should only be achieved after participants are intensively trained in the theory and practical application of the Human Decoding method and tools. They also need to have received advanced directions in how to use that knowledge to work with customers, team members, suppliers, patients, suspects, etc…

Therefore, the DECODE – International Human Decoder Academy only provides certification to individuals that have successfully completed the Human Decoding Certification Specialist level and have scored 90% or higher on the proficiency exam.

If the first level of Certification builds upon a great deal of exercises, this one is relying on practice; you will be invited to place your previous learnings into practice and will be given constant feedback from Susana Areal or the DECODE Trainer delivering the training, making sure that by the end of the six days you are a qualified specialist in Human Decoding.


Susana Areal

By learning from the worlds coaching elites Susana was able to develop a method that combines the best of all worlds in to one single discipline

Be part of the for this amazing new method.​


6 Days Training Program:

What you will learn

You will learn to adjust and influence 1536 Types of Profiles!

At the end of this Certification, you will be able not only to decode 1536 Types of Profiles but also to completely adjust your verbal and non-verbal communication to each one, making sure you are the one leading the conversation and conducing it towards your goal.

While learning to decode each of the 1536 Types of Profiles is the main goal of the first level, leading every interaction is the main objective of this level.  


The Four Human Decoding Tools – Deeper into human decoding tools


Deeper into human decoding tools

The Four Human Decoding Tools

How Profiling is a step ahead when compared to all other known methodologies.

1st - People´s Goal

Why people do what they do

After already knowing People´s Goals, it is time to learn how to help people leave their comfort zone, to use the best that these needs give them and to diminish the less good parts of it.

It is time to influence people to use their full potential and to learn to get the responses you desire from each one of them.   

2nd - Magic Box:

How each person thinks

Learning to adjust your communication to the way each person thinks will not only make you more effective, saving a great amount time to achieve the results you want, but also make you an expert on creating rapport as it is easier for everybody to understand you.

3rd - Memories Making

How each one creates his/ her own reality

At this stage you have to be totally able to choose the words you use with each person accordingly to his/her profile, to consciously choose the way you present everything so that he/ she understands you and gives you the answer you expect.

4th - Chosen Behavior

What type of behaviour does each person choose to mainly adopt in order to fulfil his/her goal

Depending on your goal (your professional field) you can help people develop a better type of main behaviour, to show him/her the benefits of change, or to use anticipation and influence as a benefit for your goal.  

Key components


Every action generates a reaction. Being aware of the small details is a key skill for a Human Decoding Specialist. People convey all the information you need in order to choose which way to go; you just have to be able to catch all this rich information.  

Question Making

At this level we will be very concentrated in training you to really influence the art of question making in order to get people to speak and provide you with the information you really need.    

Body Language & Micro Expressions

Going deeper into decoding Non-verbal communication is another key point of this Certification Training. You will be challenged with many different exercises in order to control this skill.     

3 Months Training Program:

As in the first level of certification, after the live training, you will receive exercises every two weeks and will receive feedback from one of our trainers, maintaining your focus on developing this new skill.   

After three months of consistent training you will be invited to answer an online exam and to have a video call (Skype session) with Susana Areal in order to complete the program and obtain your Certification.