The frontline of Human Decoding

The first certification that easily allows you to identify 1536 profiles

The first impetus for greater ability to decode human behaviour. This Certification also triggers a process of self-knowledge and self-improvement.

By completing the International Human Decoding Certification® Booster level, you will realize why Human Decoding is the path to develop trust in every field and the most powerful tool for stable change, both personally and professionally.

You will explore effective techniques to, consistently, better adapt to the people with whom you communicate (taking your ability to influence to the next level), overcoming limitations, change behaviours and achieve your goals, making a difference in an increasingly competitive market.


It is also suitable for those who want to improve their communication skills in any field of activity such as business leaders, trainers, coaches, teachers, promoters, politicians, police, investigators, doctors, therapists, recruiters, lecturers, among others.

It is also suitable for those who want to improve their communication skills in any field of activity such as:

  • business leaders
  • trainers
  • coaches
  • teachers
  • lecturers
  • recruiters
  • promoters
  • politicians
  • police
  • investigators
  • doctors
  • therapists

Program / contents:

It consists of a six-day face-to-face training program that can be consecutive or divided (three days plus three days), followed by three months of challenges and new learnings. Finally, the program will be completed with an online exam and a video call (Skype session) with Susana Areal.

Susana Areal

By learning from the worlds coaching elites Susana was able to develop a method that combines the best of all worlds in to one single discipline

Be part of the for this amazing new method.​


6 Days Training Program:

What you will learn

You will learn to identify 1536 Types of Profiles!

At the end of this Certification, you will be able to detect 1536 Types of Profiles, to understand the benefits and risks of each and start training to adjust your messages to each of them, increasing your communication results, becoming a much more effective: coach, trainer, leader, therapist, human resources manager, marketing manager, physician, politician, lawyer, police or investigator, teacher, manager, salesman.


Introduction to Human Decoding: How Human Decoding is a step ahead when compared to all other methodologies known.


First Approach

The Four Human Decoding Tools

How Profiling is a step ahead when compared to all other known methodologies.

1st - People´s Goal

Why people do what they do

Understanding why people do what they do, and how to interact with each of these four types creating rapport, building trust and starting a confident relationship.  

2nd - Magic Box:

How each person thinks

Learning to detect how each person is motivated to take action, how each one makes his/her decisions, compares two products/ services/ situations, the amount of information each one wishes to have, will incredibly increase your communication skills, make each interaction much easier, objective and effective.

3rd - Memories Making

How each one creates his/ her own reality

Now one really knows what reality is… but only that of each person (the one she built)! There are millions of bits of information occurring per second, and our conscious mind needs to choose which parts of it to pay attention to, how to understand it and how to memorize it. Knowing how each person makes his/her own memories will help you minimize misunderstandings and/or conflicts, increase your capacity to influence which parts of the interaction to memorize and lead your communication skills to an all new level.

4th - Chosen Behavior

What type of behaviour does each person choose to mainly adopt in order to fulfil his/her goal

Detecting the main behaviour, together will the three previous Human Decoding Tools, will able you to anticipate each person’s reactions, to adjust your communication to each person you relate with, to bring your results to a higher level, to be a much more effective person and professional.

Key components


The first step to “read” people is to develop awareness. Increasing your ability to be aware of things happening around you is one of the key points.

Question Making

Being able to ask the right question at the right time is a key skill in creating profiles. In order to begin understanding a person, you must be able to ask the right questions, active listening to him/ her while observing the reactions. This will lead you all the way during a Human Decoding process.  

Body Language & Micro Expressions

Non-verbal communication is a great source of information. When decoding a person, the way he/she uses his/her body and facial expressions will help you evaluate truthfulness or deception, choosing the right way to go from there.

3 Months Training Program:

After the in-class training, you will be given exercises every two weeks and receive feedback from one of our trainers, fostering your focus on developing this new skill. 

After three months of solid training and follow-up you will be invited to answer an online exam and to have a video call (Skype session) with Susana Areal in order to complete the course, obtaining your Certification.