Enrolment Process

Announcement of the Certification training courses

DECODE uses different channels to communicate the certification training:

  • Company’s website www.decode-academy.com
  • Social networks
  • Email
  • Information leaflets
  • Other company promotion initiatives
The communication methods used are reviewed according to the development and introduction of new technologies as well as the strategy of DECODE.

Participant Enrolment

The attendance in Certification training courses promoted by DECODE is depends on the completion of both the Registration Form and the Questionnaire that must be completed in the website www.decode-academy.com

The processing of this data is the responsibility of DECODE that ensures its confidentiality and security and commits not to transfer them to third parties.

Due to legal issues, we only accept enrolments made by persons of legal age (18 years in most European countries).

The number of participants per training is limited and is specifically defined for each course.

DECODE identifies the target population for each course and defines, where appropriate, prerequisites for attending courses. The selection process, in turn, obeys the following criteria:

  • Professional Profile
  • Nature and Degree of academic education
  • Relevance of training to their professional development

If there is a need for prerequisites, they will be duly disclosed along with information about the course, on the DECODE website.
Certification courses have a minimum and maximum number of trainees in order to be able to guarantee their operating conditions.

The attendance in the Certification course will depend on the selection processes and registration of the candidate.
The amount per participant is mentioned prominently in the program of each course. The value per participation includes the attendance of the training course, coffee breaks, supporting documentation and the training certificate.
Registration will only be validated after payment, which must be done according to the data that will be indicated and / or as defined on the DECODE website.

Participant Confirmation

Payment must be made by bank transfer to DECODE IBAN, made available after enrolment in the training course, on the DECODE website. After the transfer the proof of transfer accompanied by the participant’s full name and identification of the certification course in which he / she has registered (city and dates) has to be sent.
The invoice receipt will be made available in digital format and sent to the participant’s e-mail.
Any exceptions must be requested by e-mail info@decode-academy.com) and will be the subject of analysis and response by the head of the training.
The Confirmation of attendance in the Certification course will be formalized with the participant by sending an e-mail with the following information: Course, Date, Schedule, Place and Invoice.

Cancellations, Changes, Interruptions, Withdrawals and Substitutions

DECODE reserves the right to cancel the course until three working days prior to its delivery, if there is not a minimum number of participants, or for any other reason that justifies the non-delivery.
Cancellation is communicated via e-mail to all confirmed participants. In case of cancellation or postponement of the course by DECODE for more than 60 days, the registered participant will be refunded of the amount paid upon registration.
In this case, the participant has the possibility of transferring his registration to a new date (keeping the amount paid for his registration, that is, continuing to benefit from the discount value he benefitted from). This assurance is valid for a period of 6 months.
DECODE reserves the right to change schedules and / or trainers during the course of training, (for reasons of force majeure) and has to inform all participants by e-mail.
If for reasons of force majeure it becomes necessary to interrupt training, DECODE undertakes all efforts to establish appropriate alternative measures.
If a participant decides to quite the training course such must be communicated to DECODE by e-mail with the justification. If the leave is communicated after the training has been confirmed, DECODE reserves the right to allocate only 50% of the credit amount for future courses.
Communicating the renounce after training delivery implies the non-refund of the registration fee.

Should the registered participant not attend the course without first cancelling the registration, he/she loses the right to participate in the course or to transfer the registration to a new date.

When the person initially registered cannot be present, they may appoint another person to replace them, provided that they comply with the requisite participation requirements and communicate it up to three working days before the beginning of the Certification course.

Place of delivery

The location (place) of the Certification course varies according to the program in question and is disclosed to the candidates on the DECODE website and training promotion material, if any.

Whenever, for reasons beyond its control, DECODE cannot fully comply with the delivery of the course at the place informed, the company will make the appropriate adjustments, which shall be communicated to the participants at least 24 hours in advance.

Date and Agenda

The dates and times are set specifically for each training and are informed to the candidates on the DECODE website and on promotional material that may exist on the course.

The time schedule is presented to the participants in the room by the trainer.

Any change in the times/hours and / or dates of the training course will be communicated by DECODE at least 24 hours earlier.

Other rights

DECODE reserves the right to make changes to coaches, place or schedule of the course, as long as this does not jeopardize the its objectives.


All training materials will be provided by DECODE, through the trainer, in paper or digital format throughout the course.

Any exceptions will be reported on the DECODE website.

Unauthorised copying, selling, lending, or hiring or any other form of reproduction or unauthorized forwarding of the content is strictly prohibited.

Participant Evaluation

The evaluation criteria and methods take into account the following:

1. The participant is evaluated through his / her course attendance. The trainer is responsible for registering daily presences.

The absence of the participant during the training hours may be either justified or unjustified. Whenever possible, the participant must communicate via e-mail to DECODE the impossibility of attending the course. Participants of the DECODE Certification training courses must attend at least 90% of the sessions, if they wish to obtain the participation certificate, meaning, they must attend 90% of the total planned workload.

2. The moments, criteria and instruments on which the evaluation focuses will be communicated by the trainer to the participants in the first session of the course and include:

  • Continuous Evaluation (in the classroom as well as exercises made during the 3 months);
  • Final Evaluation (on-line exam + video session with the DECODE trainer)
  • Work developed throughout the 3 months of the course duration

In the case of the International Human Decoding Certification® Trainer, it includes all the above plus:

  • 2 videos per workshop;
  • 1 session of 2 hours duration in a Certification delivered by Susana Areal (final exam).

Successful completion of all the certification courses assumes compliance with all the above and an assessment of 90% or more.


At the end of the training the participants will be entitled to a Certificate respecting the internal rules of DECODE (if they are successful, they certify and receive a Certificate of International Human Decoding Certification® Booster / Specialist / Trainer, otherwise they receive a certificate of attendance of the course);

In order to obtain the training certificate, participants must comply with the following rules:

  • Attend a minimum of 90% of the total number of hours of the face-to-face training component, if applicable;
  • Obtain more than 90% in the final evaluation.